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Proper Treatment Intervals Are Vital To Your Success in Becoming Hair Free

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Face treatments range from 2-3 week intervals depending on the size of the hair. Fine hair should be 2 weeks, and coarser hair can be as much as 3 weeks. Also, the treatment area should be cleared within this time frame. Therefore your intervals will be contingent on the completion of this goal.

Body treatments range from 6-8 week intervals. A six-week window between the first and second treatments works best to minimize skin reaction, followed by 8-week windows for the remaining treatments. Treatment intervals are vital to your success because hair responds optimally when in the active growing stage. Currently, when the practitioner inserts the needle, there is a pathway to the blood supply, which is the target. Blood is sealed off by creating scar tissue below the skin's surface. Blood can not travel through scar tissue, starving the hair of the nutrient and preventing them from growing back.

If intervals are missed, the hair pulls away from the blood supply, referred to as the shedding stage. When this happens, the pathway is gone, and optimum results will not be seen. Hairs treated in the shedding stage cause more trauma to the skin and more pain during the treatment and have considerably less effect on your journey to being hair free for life. We estimate a 75% drop in effect when working on shedding hairs (also known as old hair).

To ensure your treatments are at the correct interval, please discuss them with your practitioner. We recommend calling Oxygen Facial and Electrolysis Clinic at 604-818-0611 to schedule your next three appointments. This will help maintain the time and date that works best for your schedule.

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