Electrolysis uses small bursts of electricity caused by radiofrequency (thermolysis) and galvanic electrolysis. The electrolysis probes go directly into the follicle targeting A single hair at a time.

100% permanent hair removal

Electrolysis can be used on all skin types and ethnicities.

Mild to moderate pain with a topical anesthetic cream. Mild to virtually painless with local anesthetic injections.

Don’t feel embarrassed about any area that you wish to treat with electrolysis. We can (and have) removed hair from everywhere. The following is a list of common treatment areas for both women & men!

Underarms Ears & Nose Back
Facial Hair & Full Beard Removal
Bikini Line I Brazilian – both men & women – welcome
Eyebrows – natural shaping for men
Eyelashes Knuckles & Hands
Arms & Legs
Upper Lip Nipples
Toes & Feet
Arms & Legs
Upper Lip Nipples
Toes & Feet