Skin Irregularities Correction

Thermocoagulation is the treatment or removal of unwanted skin imperfections or anomalies

The following skin imperfections are superficial which can be treated effectively by Thermocoagulation. The process will improve the skins appearance by reducing or eliminating those unwanted imperfections. Skin specialist is able to treat: visible facial broken capillaries (telangiectasia), ruby points, stellar angioma, skin Tags, Milia, Cholestorol Deposit, Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra.

​Thermocoagulation utilizes the High Frequency Current to discharge pin point heat energy to treat skin imperfections and collapse the spider veins upon contact. The energy created by the high frequency current produces a thermal lesion and the immediate disappearance of the imperfection or vein while preserving the epidermis. All that may remain is a tiny circular red mark that disappears within hours post treatment to leave a micro-crust which itself disappears usually in a matter of days. The treatment is extremely safe and unlike other treatments does not pose risks of heat blisters or scarring.

Facts and Benefits:

  • Effectively treats skin imperfections such as spider veins, angiomas and skin tags
  • Fast treatment time and a “walk in – walk out” procedure with no down time for recovery
  • Imperfections, spider veins and other vascular lesions instantly disappear
  • Minimal discomfort in comparison to other treatments
  • No bruising, scarring or hyper-pigmentation post treatment
  • Ability to successfully treat sensitive areas like the face, nose, ankles and knees
  • Proven procedure that is minimally invasive with high degree of safety
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This non-invasive procedure is relatively painless.  It uses mild currents that have been employed in the esthetic world for more than four decades.  At the very most, some patients may feel a slight pricking sensation.

Sessions are between five and fifteen(15) minutes in length.  Most conditions are effectively treated in between one and three sessions.  The results are truly amazing.

The disposable, sterile stylus tips are used only once, insuring your complete safety.  The treatment is performed by professionally certified technicians, who observe the strictest standard of hygiene.  Skin reaction after the treatment is minimal and disappears after a few days.

Broken capillaries are tiny dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin.  they become more common as we age and our skin loses it’s elasticity. the factors that can promote their formation are: excessive exposure to the sun, drastic chance in temperature, alcoholic beverages , hot and spicy foods. Once they form, broken capillaries will not disappear on their own.  But, they can be permanently removed by the VascuLyse.

Skin Irregularities
 Telangiectasia on the nose
Skin Irregularities
Telangiectasia on the cheek


  • Small areas of highly concentrated dilated capillaries
  • They have a circular shape
  • They can be small and level with the skin
  • They can be thick and slightly raised
  • Flat and Raised Ruby Points
Skin Irregularities
Skin Irregularities


  • They look like little spiders
  • With a central  circular nucleus of dilated capillaries
  • And smaller telangiectases spreading out from the center
  • May appear at any age
  • Located mostly on the side of the nose or under the eyes


  • Skin tags are small growths of epithelium
  • They usually appear with age
  • They can be the same color as the skin or darker
  • They are mostly made of epidermal cells
  • They have a small capillary connection

They are easily removed with the Vasculyse 2G



Milia are small white bumps that appear on the skin. They’re usually grouped together on the nose, cheeks, and chin, though they may appear elsewhere. They develop when skin flakes become trapped under the surface of the skin.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra describes the presence of multiple, small, 1-5 mm diameter, smooth, firm, black or dark brown papules on face and neck of ethnic-skinned people.
The Thermocoagulation Process

  • The dilated section of the capillary will be coagulated
  • The blood in the capillary will solidify
  • Blood flow will be interrupted along the treated section
  • Blood flow will be re-directed into neighboring capillaries
  • Healing and regeneration rapidly occurs within
    3 to 21 days (longer on the legs)
  • There is no scar tissue formation at the epidermal level
    post treatment scabbing is barely noticeable, usually pin point size
Home care

  • Scabs must never be removed
  • They will fall off on their own within 3 to 21 days
  • Do not touch, stretch or otherwise manipulate treated area
  • Cleanse area gently using fingers and mild facial cleanser
  • Apply cold compresses if area feels hot or irritated
  • Refrain from strenuous physical activity (48h following)
  • Apply moisturizing/healing cream 4 to 5 times daily
  • Refrain from saunas swimming pool, whirlpools (48h following treatment)
  • Use total sun block and avoid sun exposure or tanning salons
  • You may apply make up over treated area
Before & After Treatment