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What Are the Different Techniques of Electrolysis Hair Removal?


Even though having body hair is natural, some people experience excessive hair growth. It might result from a hormonal imbalance, hereditary factors, or negative side effects from a particular medical procedure. So, you might feel self-conscious and lose confidence if you have unattractive body hair.

Being forced to constantly shave, wax, or use other hair removal methods can certainly be a real pain. However, electrolysis hair removal in North Vancouver is the best choice if you want to permanently get rid of all the hassle. It’s an effective, long-lasting solution for eliminating annoying facial and body hair.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is an innovative treatment that helps destroy the root of every hair follicle to permanently stunt unwanted hair growth. The procedure is performed using specialized medical electrolysis devices. They probe the dermal papilla (hair roots) and cauterize them using low-level electrical current.

Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal in North Vancouver

The following are the three types of methods used for electrolysis hair removal in North Vancouver:

1) Thermolysis Electrolysis

It is the fastest and least painful treatment for hair removal from areas such as:

  • The Face
  • Back
  • Thighs and Legs
  • Breasts and Abdomen
  • Fingers and Toes
  • Underarms

It uses electrical current to produce heat energy that destroys the hair follicles. It takes just a fraction of a second so you might feel a slight pinch when it happens. It’s best suited for anyone with grown, straight dark hair on their body. It’s an intense procedure than laser hair removal, thus, it usually takes longer. Your electrologist will let you know how many electrolysis treatments will be required for your hair to stop growing permanently.

2) Galvanic Electrolysis

The thermolysis treatment may not be ideal for all types of hair and skin types. In that case, they may require a Galvanic Electrolysis or blended treatment.
The Galvanic electrolysis treatment is better for clients with:

  • Light-colored or red hair
  • Curly hair
  • Coarse hair
  • Thick hair
  • Sensitive skin

The galvanic electrolysis process involves the following:

  • It entails stopping the growth of hair roots by using a chemical solution, specifically sodium hydroxide.
  • The chemical solution is applied to the hair roots.
  • It stays there for a few seconds as the direct current is activated for stimulating the chemical reaction. Thus, its usually a slower and longer process than thermolysis.
  • It can be a more painful method than electrolysis. However, the pain is generally bearable.

3) Blended Electrolysis Method

Sometimes the chemical or heat energy methods are not effective individually for clients. In that case, a blended method is used where both techniques are combined for removing hair safely. It’s a faster process than galvanic electrolysis. It’s used for removing unwanted or ingrown hairs from difficult areas.

During the blended electrolysis, the chemical solution is combined with the thermolysis heat to incapacitate hair growth cells effectively.

To know which method might work best for you, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced electrolysis specialist in North Vancouver, BC.

Is Electrolysis a Better Method of Permanent Hair Removal than Laser treatment?

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly an excellent way of eliminating unwanted hair. However, the results usually last for 6 months to over a year at most. On the other hand, electrolysis permanently stops hair growth. It means after the electrolysis sessions are completed, the new hair won’t grow on your body.

Although laser hair removal may provide faster results, Electrolysis has a more permanent and long-lasting impact. So, if you are looking for FDA approved method for permanent hair reduction, electrolysis might be the right choice for you.

Consult With Experienced Electrolysis Specialists in North Vancouver

Whenever you decide to undergo electrolysis, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced electrologist. After the initial consultation, you will know the cost, how many sessions will be required, and which treatment would be suitable for you.

So, if you would like to make an appointment, simply get in touch with our team for expert assistance.

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