Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion

$ 216.00

The Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion is a light-to-medium textured moisturizer formulated to optimize its daytime performance while offering a remarkable optical correction for a brighter complexion from the very first application


50 ml



Description Increased amounts of antioxidants and anti-pollution factors join the newly added HD-White Complex to offer a brighter complexion while safeguarding skin throughout the entire day, offering added protection against urban stress and environmental assault, known triggers for pigmentation disorders.

Light cream

Ideal for:
  • Most skin conditions
  • Consumers concerned with signs of aging who are also looking for intensified brightening and an improvement in evenness
  • All existing clients of the Cell Shock White collection
  • Fights pigmentation disorders that lead to an uneven complexion
  • Decreases skin inflammation induced by all forms of oxidation and urban stress for a stronger, healthier, resilient skin appearance
  • Provides instant glow and smart optical correction for immediate flawless skin


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