Phytoceane Face Collection

From the moment of application, this cream relieves hot sensations. It reduces blotches and redness and helps prevent their reappearance.

Price: $85.00

The Soothing Moisturizing Lotion soothes, moisturizes, and strengthens the skin's defenses. The skin is protected and its radiance and serenity are restored. Sensation of freshness. Calms skin and decongests. Directions for use: Apply in the morning and in the evening on the entire face and neck. Key Ingredients: Jania rubens : ultra-moisturizing.Golden Chamomile : soothing, calming. Laminaria digitata : soothing; decreases reactivity of irritated skin and reinforces its natural capitacity of defense

Price: $84.00

This treatment soothes even the most reactive skin while, evensing flushed skin tones and irritations. Its light texture provides freshness, comfort and well-being. In just a few minutes, the suppleness, softness, and radiance of the skin are restored.Immediately decongests for a long time. Complexion regains its natural luminosity. Perfectly complements the use of Hydra-Soft Cream. Directions for use: Apply a medium layer to face and neck. Type of skin: Intoerant and reactive skin Ingredients: Jania rubens : ultra-moisturizing.

Price: $45.00

The rich texture of the Cleansing Foam Cream gently cleanses and removes makeup. It rinses easily with water, leaving the skin clean and comfortable.Preserves hydrolipidic film, moisturizes skin. A pea-sized amount is sufficient for complete makeup removal. Directions for use: Apply to entire face and neck. Work up a lather with circular movements, then rinse with water. Tone. Type of skin: All Skin Type INGREDIENTS: Hydrophilous and lipophilous Jania rubens: ultra moisturizing and cleansing. Jasmine (in the fragrance): soothing

Price: $35.00

Natural papaya enzymes gently eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. The Gentle Exfoliating Cream provides soft skin and a radiant complexion.This non-aggressive cream is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Skin is clear, the complexion is luminous. Ideal for active women thanks to its ease of use. Directions for use:Apply a medium layer once or twice a week to face and neck avoiding eye contour area.

Price: $42.50

Thanks to a mechanical action, the Vegetal Coral Facial Scrub eliminates dead cells and impurities with gentleness. It refines the texture of the skin with its microbeads and combination of vegetal coral powder and apricot kernel powder.

Price: $42.50

The Cleansing Moisturizing Milk thoroughly removes impurities and makeup. With a light, fluid texture, it rinses easily with water, leaving the skin clean, supple, and velvety soft. Preserves hydrolipidic film, moisturizes skin.

Price: $35.00

This alcohol-free, 2-in-1 toner gently removes makeup from the eyes and lips and tones the skin. The skin is completely cleansed and moisturized. Epidermis is refreshed and toned. Skin is soft and soothed. Gentle enough for even sensitive skin! Directions for use: Apply to entire face a cotton pad, then dry.  Type of Skin: All Skin Type. Key Ingredients: Hydrophilous and Lipophilous Jania Rubens, Rose Extract.

Price: $36.00


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