Phytoceane Face Collection

AGE SHIELD introduces an innovative concept: it recharges your skin with marine calcium via vegetal coral. This rich-textured cream provides immediate comfort to dry and/or dehydrated skin. Your features appear smoothed.

Price: $132.00

Phytocéane researchers have teamed up the most effective ingredients to fight the undesirable effects of time. The synergy between gorse oil and marine ingredients improves the skin's elasticity and protects it from free radicals. Wrinkles fade and features become smooth again.

Price: $89.00

Anti- Wrinkle Day Cream improves the skin's elasticity and protects it from free radicals.  Your wrinkles fade away and your face is  smoothed. Your skin looks younger and your complexion glows for hours.  Directions of use: Apply directly to wrinkles on the face, morning and / or evening.

Price: $125.00

Thanks to the action of the blue microalgue, this formula helps neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals while preserving the youthfulness of the skin. Developed to help battle the damaging effects of modern lifestyles (stress, pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, etc.) this non-oily cream protects against harsh environmental factors while allowing your skin to breathe.

Price: $82.00

Age Defense Cream works with the skin to preserve collagen. This Creme is an anti-aging treatment that is designed to restructure the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on mature skin or skin that is prematurely aging.

Price: $75.00

This Anti-aging cream provides immediate comfort to dry and/or dehydrated skin.  Your skin regains its softness, suppleness and density. Directions for use: Smooth onto perfectly cleansed face, neck, and decollete with upward movements, morning and/or evening. Type of Skin: Dry and dehydrated skin. Indergiends: Jania Rubens: ultra- moisturizing, remineralizing Concentrated Samphire: smoothing, restructuring, firming, anti-free radical Gorse oil: renewing, smoothing, anti-sagging Seawater concentrate: rich in oligo-elements

Price: $109.00

In the Special Wrinkles Night Fluid. Gorse oil is combined with firming ingredients to successfully reduce the depth of wrinkles and boost the skin elasticity Decreases the depth of wrinkles Efficient action on skin elasticity Complexion is luminous For best results use in combination with SER OPTIMUM Wrinkle Target Day Cream. Type of Skin: All Skin Type. Ingredients:Jania rubens, Gorse oil, Mesophyllum lichemoides,Butterfly lavender oil.

Price: $130.00

The Intense Lifting Serum perfectly redefines facial contours, smooths, protects the skin and provides an excellent base for makeup.Directions of use: Apply with upward smoothing strokes in the mooning on the entire face and neck.Type of Skin: Dry, combination to oily skin.Ingredients: Jania rubens: ultra moisturizing Concentrated marine samphire: anti-free radicals, regenerating, , smoothing, restructuring, firmer. Ascophyllum nodosum: draining and decongesting by activating microcirculation , tensing effect.

Price: $89.00

This Serum was formulated to soften these visible signs of aging by acting directly within wrinkles. Rich, silky texture, refreshing effect on the skin. Your wrinkles slip away and your face is instantly smoothed. Directions for use: Apply to deep wrinkles on the face (forehead, are between eyebrows, crow's-feet, smile lines, corner of the lips, neck) morning and/or evening.

Price: $105.00

The Lifting Radiance Serum produces a tensing effect to help prevent skin slackening. It's helps reduce signs of fatigue and provides the face with a boost of radianceIt offers immediate radiance and has a smoothing effect on expression lines. Directions for use: Apply morning and/or evening to face and neck, before your usual moisturizing cream. Type of Skin: All Skin Type. Ingredients: Jania Rubens: ultra moisturizing Butterfly Lavander oil: renewing Foraha Oil: firming, gives suppleness Chlorella Vulgaris: replenishing Pigment Light Reflectors: radiant complexion.

Price: $79.00


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