Physiodermie Body Line

Double action on heavy legs - total relief for heavy or tired legs.Improves circulation and strengthens weak capillaries.Gives an immediate feeling of lightness and well-being.A cool and fresh sensation.Treatment for water retention, heavy legs, and poor circulation.Helps prevent spider veins.Therapeutic treatment for the prevention of varicosity. Type of skin: All Skin Types. Recommended for: Spider veins, tired, heavy legs. 

Price: $136.70

The Hand Beauty Cream when used daily, will help prevent signs of aging, prevent the appearance of brown spots, hydrate and nourish dry / chapped hands.Type of skin: All Skin Types.

Price: $47.72

Bannipil is a specially selected formula that slows the hair's regrowth process underneath the skin.Normalizes the circulatory activity.Prevents ingrown hair and inhibits the papilla.Weakens the hair bulb, making hair removal easier.Ingredients: Birch Extract, Horsetail Extract, Hamamelis Extract, Lemon Oil, Vervain Oil, Lavender Oil. 

Price: $51.44

Hydrates, tones and regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth, fresh and toned. Type of skin: All Skin Types.  Body: Ideal after bath or shower for a fresh start. Ingredients: Nucleic Acid DNA RNA For treatment on all skin types Ideal after your bath or shower for a fresh start.

Price: $104.62

Body Shaping Gel helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite, orange peel, eliminate toxins,helps reduce fatty deposits, firm and improve the texture of the skin.Apply daily on the area of concern and massage gently in a circular massaging movement.Use loofa or body brush to exfoliate regularly or for optimized results use the Soft Face Bio-Peeling 1 - 3 times weekly.Type of skin: All Skin Types. Key Ingredients: Bladderwrack, Ivy, Algae, Horse Chestnut, Butcher's Broom, Horsetail, Guarana.

Price: $168.24

The Bust refirming Gel with daily use, will maintain a firm bust line, strengthen the elasticity of the skin tissues that support the breast, and prevents slackening.Use twice daily on the bust and massage gently in an upward movement to allow total penetration.Type of skin: All Skin Types.

Price: $123.56

Bio-Gommage Body exfoliant and cleanser, 2 in 1. Exfoliates dead cells and contributes to cell renewal. Its detoxifying biological elements gently disintegrate impurities and dead cells and speed up natural cell renewal. It will make your skin fresh.

Price: $114.52

Vergetyl- Anti- Stretch cream is rich in restructuring and regenerating micro-encapsulated plant extracts. It will restore skin elasticity. Anti-stretch marks and restructuring care. VAnd stretch marks will fade away.

Price: $173.80

This Body Product is fresh and subtle perfume and delicate fine texture make it an excellent body treatment.Velvety texture, visibly smoother and firmer. Multi-regeneration Body.Methode Physiodermie's Chrono Repair Anti-aging skin care products contain a reverse microencapsulated anti-aging complex.

Price: $213.72
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