Lipopeptide with Vitamin A

$ 118.00

Lipopeptide with Vitamin A is a night cream containing enriching substances, which supports cell repair while nourishing the skin while you sleep.







  • Strengthen the collagen fibres of your skin, improve its elasticity and ensure a healthy-looking complexion with Lipopeptide with Vitamin A.
    • Assists in the reduction of fine wrinkles
    • Improves the structure of the skin overnight
    • Increases the elasticity of the skin
    • Stimulates cell repair and collagen production


Vitamin A increases the skin’s sensitivity to light. Lipopeptides should therefore be used in the evening.

1. Thoroughly clean the skin before application. We recommend the Dermaroller Skin Cleanser for this.

2. Thinly apply lipopeptide with vitamin A on the skin and gently massage in the night cream. Avoid direct eye contact. Use of the Home Care Roller and Beauty Mouse by Dermaroller should not take place on the same day.


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