Chrono Night Care Cream

$ 208.54

Specific night or intensive care for dark complexion or skin with brown marks. Ligthens and brightens the skin tone overnight due to its specific complex. Moisturizes, balances and renders a more radiant skin.


50 ml






  • Highly concentrated cream.
  • Its synergy of micro-encapsulated ingredients ideally balances and moisturizes dark complexion or skin with brown spots.
  • Unifying effect that reduces the appearance of brown marks and imperfections (white pigments).
  • Its rich formula instantly improves epidermis texture.
  • The skin looks smoother, the complexion lighter and more uniform from the first application.


After cleansing with the Deep Cleansing Milk and the Stabilizing Lotion, apply on concerned areas. Allow diffusion and penetration by gentle massaging. Its perfect tolerance permits long term use and favors lasting result.


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