Cellular Vital Essence

$ 105.00

This “serum-mist” stimulates the cellular defenses against UV-induced aging and brightens and refines the skin. 

100ml Pump Bottle






Proven to inhibit the formation of up to 98% of sunburn cells, yet containing no SPF. It is designed to be used as an energy booster, but it can be used as a makeup primer.
Skin Types:  

  • Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Stimulates Thioredoxin synthesis which in turn reactivates the repair and cell regeneration process to reinforce the skin’s internal defenses. More specifically, it counters the damage caused by daily exposure to UV light: DNA breakdown/damage, induction and cell death.
  • Replenishes the skin with potent minerals and trace elements that offer biological balancing effects.
  • Cools the skin and enhances make-up application, as it brightens and refines the skin’s texture.


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