Brightening Diamond Serum

$ 324.00

The dual formula Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum contains REAL visible clusters of diamonds


2 x 20 ml



Description From the first application, the see-through serum (inside the transparent chamber) imparts an even reflection of light to sublimate the complexion, firming and reducing any surface unevenness. With continued use, the rose serum (inside the pearlescent chamber) contributes to fading localized existing dark spots or unevenly pigmented areas, to create a uniform, brighter skin.


Ideal for:
  • All skin types
  • Consumers concerned with signs of aging who are also looking for intensified brightening and an improvement in evenness
  • All existing clients of the Cell Shock White collection
  • Counteracts and helps erase all forms of pigmentation spots
  • Reduces skin sensitivity to UV radiation and oxidative stress
  • Helps promote overall youthful skin along with instant radiance and firming benefits all in one


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