Bioarome DS Anti-Impurities

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Normalizing excessive sebum aspect.
Perfect epidermis moisturizer serum for impure, grey skin with pimples or blackheads to restore a healthy complexion.


15 ml






  • Restores the appearance of a healthy skin.
  • Helps to recover a more glowing skin tone.
Skin Types:



Normalizing excessive sebum aspect.




When used alone, apply a few drops of the Anti-Impurities Bioarome on the affected area and massage in gently to allow total penetration. When use in combination with Physiodermie Emulsions or Physiomask: mix a maximum of 5-10 drops of Bioarome DS with the chosen products. The quantity of Bioaromes used must always be less in volume than the product with which it is mixed. Use alone or in combination with other Physiodermie products depending on the skin condition.

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