360 Anti Wrinkle Serum Triple Collagen Complex

$ 257.00

Cell Shock 360º Anti-Wrinkle Serum Triple Collagen Complex provides a visible line-filling effect by infusing dry skin with intense moisture and lasting resilience


360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program

$ 380.00

This ingenious “time reversal” anti-aging cure hones in on the different AM and PM skin recovery functions to bring about a younger looking skin… the effects are synchronized to bring instantaneous and continuous results! 

4 x 12 ml

Age Intelligence De-Aging Restorative Complex

$ 180.00

Age Intelligence De-Aging Restorative Complex, a powerful serum, rebalances the skin`s self-renewal process to restore the natural protection of the horny layer of the skin, giving it a smoother more even feel


25ml Tube

Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing System

$ 340.00

The Youth-Inducing System (comprised of Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Cream and Cell Shock Age Intelligence PM-Repair Booster) tackles loss of firmness, wrinkles, pigmentation and enlarged pores


Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum

$ 142.00

This oil-free, intensive serum purifies the skin and fights impurities and blemishes

30 ml

Aqua-Vital Gel-Serum

$ 167.00

This oil-free, refreshing serum offers a natural, moisture-trapping effect thanks to its high quota of hyaluronic acid


Brightening Diamond Serum

$ 324.00

The dual formula Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum contains REAL visible clusters of diamonds


2 x 20 ml

Cellular Vital Essence

$ 105.00

This “serum-mist” stimulates the cellular defenses against UV-induced aging and brightens and refines the skin. 

100ml Pump Bottle

Face Lifting Complex II

$ 225.00

This intensive serum provides a noticeable “face lift” effect within minutes, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making the skin appear toned, resilient and younger

30ml Pump Bottle

Force Vitale Aqua Vitale Serum 24

$ 194.00

This refreshing anti-aging serum deeply hydrates and energizes the skin with a host of 24 different nutrients and antioxidants working over a 24 hour period to provide hydration, energy/radiance and antioxidants

30ml Pump Bottle